Why choose Nu Vision Logistics for Northamptonshire warehousing?

Choosing a warehousing provider that works for your business can be difficult. With so many factors to consider, determining which provider works best for you can be a lengthy research process. To help, here is why you should choose Nu Vision Logistics for Northamptonshire warehousing.

Who are Nu Vision Logistics?

A fleet of Nu Vision Logistics vehicles

Nu Vision Logistics is a logistics company that specialises in UK pallet distribution and warehouse storage. Based in the Midlands, we are in a prime position to serve businesses all over the UK thanks to our extensive distribution network and secure storage facility.

Founded in 2012, Nu Vision Logistics has continued to expand and develop its logistics services around the changing demands of markets and businesses. We also strive to set standards shaping the future of transport and logistics industries.

We have a forward-thinking attitude to keep up with the fast-changing market demands. This approach helps us to develop and improve our logistics services to keep your business moving forward without any setbacks or delays.

At Nu Vision Logistics, we strive to achieve efficient operations, excellent customer service, and a high quality level of service. That way, we can ensure our logistics services are cost-effective, flexible, and reliable so your business continues running smoothly.

Nu Vision Logistics is a family-run business founded by a group of experienced and dedicated professionals with over 30 years of combined industry experience. Our industry experience helps us to adapt and keep up with a fast-changing logistics industry.

We also recently joined a partnership with the United Pallet Network (UPN). The UPN is a national network of 90 experienced and independent members that form a network to deliver first-class pallet distribution. In 2023, we were awarded New Depot of the Year during the UPN annual awards.

Northamptonshire warehousing services

Warehouse storage facility for palletised goods.

One of our specialities at Nu Vision Logistics is providing safe and secure warehouse storage in Crick, Northamptonshire. Whether your business requires short-term, long-term, or emergency storage solutions, we have the processes in place to keep your business moving forward.

In 2021, we expanded our warehousing operations by opening an extensive purpose-built 42,000-square-foot storage facility in Crick, Northamptonshire. Opening the new warehouse storage facility allows us to expand further and continue supporting our customer’s requirements.

Whether you require stand-alone or bulk storage, you can combine our safe and secure warehouse with our additional transport, distribution, and order fulfilment services. Free-standing and racked storage is available to suit all palletised storage requirements.

Our storage system also makes managing your stock levels easy and reliable as our Crick warehouse facility operates a dedicated warehouse management system. This provides live reports of your stock so you can track supplies for a more efficient supply chain.

Security is also not a concern, thanks to our security systems in place. Our Crick storage facility has state-of-the-art alarm systems and HD CCTV, so your business goods are safe. We also operate containment unloading and loading to prevent damage while your goods are in our care.

We also operate a 24/7 pick-and-pack service to keep your business moving forward. This ensures you can receive timely stock deliveries when you need it most. Combined with our track-and-trace systems, alongside same-day and next-day delivery, you don’t have to worry about any setbacks.

Our prime central location and easy access to major transport routes help us to meet the needs of businesses throughout the UK. You can combine our Northamptonshire warehousing with our other logistics services for more efficient supply chain processes.

Daventry International Rail and Freight Terminal

Crick in Northamptonshire was an ideal location to open our purposely built warehousing facility. One of the main reasons is its prime location in one of the UK’s main logistics areas. The Daventry International Rail and Freight Terminal (DRIFT) is situated nearby, with easy access via junction 18 of the M1.

The DRIFT is a rail-road freight terminal that allows for efficient and reliable transportation of goods throughout the UK. This makes Crick an ideal central location to provide efficient disruption services as part of our warehousing operations.

The site is close to major transport routes, including the A5, A14, and M6, allowing for timely and efficient distribution. Our prime Midlands location also offers quick access to the M69, M45, M40, and A45. This allows for speedy distribution throughout the Midlands, Warwickshire, and beyond.

Do you have a question on warehouse storage? Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers to your popular warehouse storage questions. Visit our warehouse storage FAQs to find the answer to your question!

Areas we cover

Our Northamptonshire warehousing service is available to businesses throughout Northamptonshire and beyond. We are in an ideal location to serve a range of nearby postcodes and all districts, including:

  • Daventry
  • East Northamptonshire
  • South Northamptonshire
  • Corby
  • Kettering
  • Northampton
  • Wellingborough

Is your business in one of these areas? If so, contact our friendly team today about Nu Vision Logistics Northamptonshire warehousing and discover how we can benefit your business!

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UK pallet distribution

Loading a pallet shipment onto a lorry outside the Nu Vision Logistics warehouse.

Alongside our safe and secure warehouse storage service, we also operate efficient and reliable UK pallet distribution. Our UPN partnership, carefully selected distribution network, and specialist fleet allows us to provide various pallet distribution and delivery options.

We cater to various pallet distribution requirements for Northamptonshire businesses, ranging from large bulk to smaller, single-pallet shipments. Our specialist fleet range from small vans to large lorries, to cater for all palletised distribution requirements.

At Nu Vision Logistics, we strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction is guaranteed. That’s why we offer a range of flexible delivery options to meet your business needs. We can provide same-day and next-day delivery thanks to our strong distribution network.

We also offer exceptional and competitive rates on our UK pallet distribution service. Cost-effective rates are available on smaller and one-time deliveries, while we provide discounts for larger multi-pallet and bulk shipments.

Benefit your business today by combining our secure warehouse storage with our reliable UK pallet distribution service today! With so many great reasons for choosing Nu Vision Logistics for Northamptonshire warehousing, your business can keep moving forward.

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