Tips for choosing a Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider

Warehouse storage provides many benefits to businesses, including greater operational efficiency and improved supply chains. However, knowing which Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider to choose can be tricky. Here are some tips for choosing a warehouse storage provider.

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Why should you use warehouse storage?

Are you unsure whether your business can benefit from choosing Northamptonshire warehouse storage? If so, here are a few reasons you should use warehouse storage services for your business and how it can keep your business moving forward.

The first warehouse storage benefit for your business is that it can help save space. Space is invaluable whether you are an e-commerce, retail, or commercial premises. However, businesses sometimes take up much needed space to store goods and stock.

When space is so valuable, taking up precious space unnecessarily can be costly. Usually, such spaces are not ideal for storage and can lead to damaged or missing goods. Warehouse storage can prevent this by providing a dedicated, safe, and secure place to store your goods.

Security is another top reason to use warehouse storage. As we mentioned, storing goods ad hoc can lead to damage or missing goods. Such occurrences are costly to any business. A reputable and reliable warehouse provider will have the necessary security systems.

Most warehouse facilities will also have an integrated warehouse management system. Such systems are crucial to maintaining efficient and reliable inventory monitoring within a warehouse. These systems ensure nothing goes missing and everything can be precisely located instantly.

Another reason to opt for warehouse storage is that it can be combined with other essential logistics services. Most warehouse storage providers will operate other services, such as UK pallet distribution or pick-and-pack services. This ensures timely access and delivery of your stored goods.

How to choose a warehouse storage provider

Finding a warehouse storage provider can be difficult and time-consuming. To ensure you make the right decision that works for your business, here are some tips for choosing a Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider.


With so many options available for logistics and warehouse storage providers, it’s important to check the expertise and experience on offer. When searching for alternatives, it’s important to pick a third-party logistics provider (3PL) with expertise in warehousing.

Logistics companies can specialise in many areas, including warehousing, handling specialist materials, inventory management, and distribution and transport. When searching for a company, picking a logistics provider that works for your specific business needs is essential.

Typically, companies with warehousing expertise will have the necessary resources to ensure safe and secure storage for your business goods. If the company website doesn’t provide sufficient answers, you should contact them directly to determine whether they can fulfil your requirements.


The price is one of the biggest factors that will be high on any business’s list. Typically, the service price is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider. But as tempting as a lower offer may be, it may not be suitable.

Opting for the lowest price you are given can lead to catastrophic consequences for your business, supply chain, and reputation. That’s because the cheapest solution is unlikely to be the highest-quality solution. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

That’s why it’s important to choose a warehouse storage provider with both price and service quality in mind. Opting for a higher quote may result in a much higher value for money in the long term. Also, make sure there are no hidden costs that can surprise you down the road.


Another tip for choosing a Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider is location. This should be one of the very first factors that influence your decision. That’s because choosing a warehouse storage provider close to your business is much more beneficial.

Not only is this more economical, but it also increases supply chain efficiency and speeds up processes. Stored palletised goods can be delivered quicker and more reliably when they don’t have to travel half the distance of the UK.

This also helps lower the price by reducing the transport distance to deliver your goods from A to B (or B to A). A warehouse location nearby can provide much quicker and easier access.

Proximity to transport routes

However far away you choose a warehouse storage provider, it’s important to pick a warehouse close to transport routes. During your search, check whether a warehouse facility has easy access to major distribution and transport routes, such as motorways or freight terminals.

Opting for a warehouse close to major transport routes speeds up the distribution and reliability of warehousing services. With less tricky navigation, there is a lower risk of goods potentially damaging during distribution to or from the warehouse facility.

If your business expects to send or receive goods from afar, it may be worth checking if a transport terminal is nearby, such as a freight terminal. Choosing a warehouse storage provider near a transport terminal can ensure timely deliveries.

Storage systems

Another tip for choosing a Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider is the warehouse storage systems they have in place. Depending on your storage requirements will determine the type of storage system best suited for your goods.

Some warehouse facilities may operate various storage systems, such as pallet racking and multi-tier racking. Other facilities may only specialise in specific storage systems. To ensure the safety of your items, it’s important to check with a potential warehousing provider first.

Reputation and awards

As you would check the reputation of any tradesman, it is also best to check the reputation of a warehouse storage provider. This ensures you pick an established warehousing provider with a solid reputation to provide your business with the most benefits.

The greater the reputation and reviews a storage provider has, the better chance you will receive a quality service. Experienced providers will have years of experience operating within the industry and will know how to ensure efficient, secure, and reliable storage solutions.

When checking the reputation of a warehousing provider, consider looking at their online reviews or directory sites. Any reviews on a third-party site will provide a more accurate picture of their reputation than on the company’s website.

Another good method to check the reputation of a warehouse storage provider is to see if they have any recent awards or accreditations. A company with recent awards or accreditations can be a sign of quality, as the storage providers will have to meet strict quality criteria before being awarded.

Some examples of accreditations and awards to look for with warehouse storage providers include:

  • BRC for food distribution and storage
  • UPN network for service quality
  • ISO certifications for quality management
  • Hazchem accreditations for handling hazardous materials

Ask the right questions

Alongside price, there are several questions you can ask a warehouse storage provider when deciding. The answers they provide can help you reach a final decision on which warehouse storage provider to choose. During your search, consider asking the following questions:

  • With your experience in the industry, what value can you provide to my business?
  • What are your organisational values?
  • What sets you apart from other warehousing providers?
  • How are your customers supported from the bottom up?
  • What is your customer retention rate?
  • What are the greatest value customers have found when partnering with you?
  • What benefits and value do you commonly get positive appraisals on?

Additional considerations

Alongside the above tips for choosing a Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider, you should consider the following:

  • IT support
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Value-added services
  • Customer service
  • Long-term agreements

Choosing the right Northamptonshire warehouse storage provider is a tricky decision. With so many factors to consider, the decision process can be lengthy. Consider the tips above so you can be confident that you make the right decision for your business.

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