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Send your pallets using a reliable and efficient Nuneaton couriers service today. With our specialist courier fleet and distribution network, we can extend our services across the UK. Collection and delivery available.

Keeping your business moving forward

A Nu Vision Logistics delivery van on the road

At Nu Vision Logistics, we seek to help keep your business moving forward. That’s why we have developed a range of pallet courier services to meet your business’s needs. Our pallet distribution and delivery services extend across the UK and Europe to keep your business moving.

With our specialist expertise and excellent service levels, you can rest assured knowing your items are in safe hands. Your business can continue operating efficiently without unnecessary supply chain issues using our quick and reliable pallet solutions.

Reliable and Secure UK Pallet Delivery Services

Using our specialist courier fleet and carefully chosen hub and spoke distribution pallet network allows for quick and efficient distribution. Our specialist fleet ranges from small vans for fulfilling smaller shipments to large lorries for bulk and multi-shipment deliveries.

However small your pallet delivery and distribution requirements are, our fleet of different sized vehicles can fulfil all your business needs. With our strong distribution network, we can also offer same-day and next-day delivery.

We are in a central location to serve businesses in and around Warwickshire and the Midlands, including services in Nuneaton,  Coventry and Birmingham. Our central hub in a prime Midlands location provides quick access to major transport links, such as the M40, M45, and M69.

To keep your business running smoothly, we offer exceptional and competitive effective rates. For smaller and one-time deliveries, we offer cost effective rates. Discounts are also available for large multi-pallet and bulk shipments.

We also offer a range of other delivery options including timed & standard next-day deliveries, standard delivery, or specific day delivery. Discover more about our professional and affordable courier and delivery services.

Store your pallet goods with safe and secure warehousing

We also offer warehouse storage solutions for your pallet goods. Whether you are looking for short-term, long-term, or emergency storage and distribution solutions, we can help. Your business can benefit from using our purposely designed and tailored storage facilities.

We’ve also recently opened a brand new 42,000 sq ft warehouse facility in Crick, Northamptonshire. Our warehouse facility is protected with HD CCTV and alarm systems. With both free stand and racked storage, we can store your goods safely and securely.

Combining warehouse storage together with our range of courier services eliminates the need for hiring an additional transport company. Our services begin from the moment your pallet is collected right to delivering pallets at the destination. We collect and deliver to any location of your choice in the UK.

Find out more about our warehouse storage solutions.

Why choose Nu Vision Logistics?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Nu Vision Logistics:

  • Professional and reliable customer service
  • Cost effective delivery solutions
  • Distribution and deliveries in Nuneaton and throughout the UK
  • Tracking available for peace of mind
  • Specialist 24/7 transport logistic services
  • We accept shipment of all order sizes
  • Discounts available for multiple shipments
  • Safe and secure warehouse storage available
  • Air and sea palletised freight shipments available

Want Nu Vision Logistics to help with your next pallet shipment? Get in touch with our team today at 02476 629751 for an instant pallet delivery quote.


What is pallet shipping?

Pallet shipping, or distribution, is the process of moving palletised goods from one location to another through a logistics network and is one of the most common distribution methods.

What is a standard pallet dimension?

In the UK, a standard pallet size is 120cm x100cm. Pallets can vary in height, according to your needs. Pallet heights can be booked as a quarter, half, or full pallet. You will need to use a pallet that is suitable for your delivery requirements.

How do you stack boxes on a pallet properly?

To keep your goods safe and secure during distribution, it is important to stack boxes on a pallet properly. Boxes should be stacked as close to the edge of the pallet as possible, with nothing hanging or sticking out.

Pallets should be stacked using either a block, row, brick, or pinwheel pattern. Interlocking boxes together, like bricks, can help secure your load. Never stack items into a pyramid formation.

The heaviest should be placed at the base of the pallet, with lighter items stacked on top. Always make sure to secure your pallet load down using straps and wrap the entire parameter with shrink-wrap.

How much does one pallet cost?

In the UK, a standard wooden pallet can cost between £3 to £15, depending on the size. Cheap pallets can be purchased second-hand, but you must be aware of any damage and wear as this can reflect on your pallet shipment.

Why do shipping companies charge by weight and not size?

Most pallet delivery companies charge for shipments based on volume weight. Basing prices on the shipment’s volume weight, using size and weight, provides a much more accurate pricing method. Using volume weight also accounts for the space a parcel will take in the delivery vehicle to maximise capacity.

How many times can you reuse a wooden pallet for shipping?

Wooden pallets are the most popular pallets for shipments due to their durability. Wooden pallets can be reused many times, often lasting for years. However, is it important to check whether a wooden pallet is safe to reuse before packing.

When reusing pallets, you should always check for any signs of damage, mould, rot, or structural damage. If you spot any of these, avoid using the pallet as it can result in an insecure load that could cause damage during transit.

What piece of equipment is used to keep pallets intact?

Pallets can be kept intact through several methods. Securely stacking, wrapping items securely with bubble wrap, wrapping the stacked pallet with shrink wrap and using a pallet cover are all ways to keep pallets intact.


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