6 things to look out for when using a courier service

Finding a reputable courier service can be extremely difficult, especially as there are plenty of companies to choose from. If you have never used a courier before, what should you look out for? What are the pitfalls? What questions (if any) should you ask? If you already have a preferred logistics supplier, are you getting the most value for money? These are all questions we come across daily, so, compiling a list of 6 things you need to look out for when using a courier service will give you all the advice you need to avoid any pitfalls.

1. Find a Courier Service that will Guarantee the safety of your items

You are putting a lot of trust in your chosen logistics supplier. Whilst the items they are transporting may not always have a high financial value, the last thing you want is for your clients or warehouse to receive damaged items. On top of the costs associated with replacing the items you must factor in the cost of the delay, time spent chasing and replacing your cargo and liaising with insurance companies. Run some checks! Find out how your chosen courier company will guarantee and look after the safety of your items. Speak to some of their customers if possible and seek out some reviews.

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2. Easy and convenient courier service

Working with a courier service should be easy and convenient. You should have access to a representative who can explain the process and specific requirements in the case where perhaps you are shipping internationally. Plenty of options should be available that will work round you and your clients and not the other way around. After your first consignment the process should just get easier. If you are having to spend time chasing up consignments or speaking to customer services, it’s time to start shopping around!

3. Fleet of vehicles

Courier ServicesJust because a courier service has a lot of vehicles at their disposal doesn’t mean that their fleet is suitable. Different types of consignments are suited for specific types of vehicles. Will you be paying more if a larger van is used? Regardless of van size, you shouldn’t end up paying through the nose. Your Courier Supplier should be making the most of the planned routes and space in their vehicles. Not only will this save you money, but it will also benefit the environment. Find out a little about their fleet. The last thing you want is for your consignments to be transported in an unreliable old banger!

4. Flexibility

Larger logistic companies can be a little less flexible than a good, reputable local logistics provider. For example, you may have missed the cut off point to book a delivery. A larger logistic company will not have the flexibility to grant an exception. A smaller local company may be able to. We don’t recommend that you leave things that late though as exceptions can not be guaranteed, however you just never know!

5. Competitive Rates

Courier rates do vary from one provider to another. Larger logistic companies do not necessarily have the most competitive rates. Also, factor in any “extras” which may be added. Compare “like for like” but more importantly remember, cheaper isn’t always better. Reliability, due care & attention, exceptional service and punctuality are worth paying a little more for. After all, if your consignment does not arrive at its destination as expected, it will end up costing you more than the few quid you saved.

6. Personal Service

Logistics Specialists - NuVision LogisticsFinally, personal service is important when sourcing a courier service. Having someone you can speak to or email should there be an issue with your consignment will give you that extra piece of mind. A personal service should also include advice with best practices. A reputable courier service will want you to have a good experience with them and not be overpaying for costs that could be avoided.

Selecting the right courier service can no doubt be a headache, especially if you have been burned in the past. Following the tips above will help put you in a strong position when choosing a courier and logistics supplier, and help to ensure your consignments are delivered on time, on budget, and with great customer service.

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