7 benefits of using warehouse storage for your business

Warehouse storage is a popular logistics service that many businesses choose to help improve productivity. Involving the storage of goods (usually bulk), warehouse storage is used for storing items until such time they are needed.

Many businesses make use of warehouse storage, especially those struggling to manage space or struggling to keep on top of their inventory management. If you’re looking to try and boost productivity while lowering costs, warehouse storage and better inventory management can help you achieve that! Whether you operate in wholesale or retail, here are 7 benefits you can gain from using warehouse storage for your business:

The benefits of warehouse storage

1. Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of warehouse storage is the accessibility it provides. Many businesses require quick and easy access to their goods to meet demand and warehouse storage provides a solution to this problem.

No matter how urgent an order is, quick and easy access to your goods in warehouse storage allows for your customers’ needs to be met. To allow for quick and easy access to stored items, a combination of inventory management and layout design is used.

Warehouse storage locations are usually situated by direct transport links, whether it be road or rail, meaning items can be dispatched and entered a distribution network as quickly as possible. Our Crick, Northamptonshire warehouse is situated by the Daventry Rail Freight Terminal allowing for quick distribution across the UK, including UK pallet distribution.

2. Frees up space

Space is a premium for many businesses, particularly those with limited space. With so little space available, you don’t want to be clogging up every nook and cranny storing your goods.

Warehouse storage facilities will be much better suited for storing your goods making it a safer and more effective option. With freestanding and racked storage available at our Nu Vision Logistics warehouse, you’ll be able to store goods of any size without the worry of needing to find more space!

3. Security

Keeping goods safe and secure will be a top priority for any business storing goods. Whether it be on business premises or in a warehouse, you’ll want to know your items are in safe hands.

That’s another great reason to choose warehouse storage – security. A reputable warehouse storage provider will offer security systems to keep your goods secure and to deter the risk of theft.

Warehouse storage is a safe choice for your business. Our Nu Vision Logistics warehouse facilities are secured with HD CCTV and an alarm system to keep your items protected from any possible theft or vandalism.

4. Inventory management

Inventory management plays a crucial role in keeping an efficient supply chain and distribution for your business. With the many items that are stored in a single warehouse from many different businesses, a system is needed to ensure nothing is lost!

An inventory management system will make sure nothing gets misplaced. Inventory management is a process that focuses on the receiving and storing of goods alongside tracking stored inventory.

Using inventory management software will cover the acquisition, tracking and shipment of goods within a distribution network. This means it’s easy to see where a shipment is at any time. Warehouse services from Nu Vision Logistics come with full inventory management.

5. Keeps goods safe

Proper storage of items is essential to prevent damage and breakage. Improper storage not only increases the risk of damage, but it can also create potential health and safety risks for employees of your business too.

With warehouse storage, you won’t need to worry about this. A warehouse storage facility will have the proper storage equipment to safely store your goods.

Businesses that ship items into a network with multiple distribution centres put items at greater risk of being lost or damaged. As a warehouse storage facility will already be in a courier service network, it reduces the handling of goods that can cause damage and eliminates any unnecessary delays.

6. Saves money

You may be surprised to find that warehouse storage could save you money. Using warehouse storage will not only provide you with the great benefits we’ve already covered, but you’ll help to cut down on your overheads too!

There are lots of ways inventory management can help to save you money. These include:

  • Inventory management for quicker access and distribution
  • Quicker and more efficient distribution
  • Eliminates the need for purchasing/renting additional premises for storing goods
  • Allows for the storage of more goods
  • Bulk discounting from buying large bulk quantities of goods

Outsourcing your warehouse storage to an already-established company with experience, such as Nu Vision Logistics, will help you save money that you can fund into other areas of your business.

7. Pick and pack

Another great benefit you can gain from using warehouse storage is pick and pack. Pick and pack involves picking the correct type and quantity of items and securely packaging them for safe distribution.

Selling products online and e-commerce can benefit greatly from a pick-and-pack service provided with warehouse storage. Goods can be shipped from a warehouse directly to a recipient, allowing for fast delivery.

Pick and pack providers, such as Nu Vision Logistics, will dedicate a special area for the secure packaging and distribution of your goods before shipment. This allows for goods to be dispatched safely and efficiently, minimising any delays that could reflect negatively on your business.

Warehouse storage provides many great benefits to your business. While safety and efficiency will be a considerable benefit of choosing warehouse storage, it is the financial benefit that appeals to most businesses. Combined with the improved efficiency in distribution, you’ll be able to keep up with the demands of your customers.