Warehouse storage and distribution for Christmas delivery

With Christmas just around the corner, so too is the busiest time of the year for logistics companies. As businesses receive higher demand, it can be a struggle to get supplies and stock in time to meet customers’ demands. You can achieve Christmas delivery with warehouse storage and distribution.

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The importance of warehouse storage and distribution

Inside a warehouse filled with stacks of boxes

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retail with higher demand as customers purchase goods for the festive occasion. Not only is Christmas the busiest time of year for retail, but also for those who keep business supply chains moving efficiently and effectively.

Logistics companies, including warehouse storage and distribution providers, also experience the same high demand over the festive period. With higher demand, there is a much greater need for logistic services to deliver stock, equipment, or goods to meet the high demand.

Logistic services can be affected during the busy Christmas period in several ways, including:

  • Increased demand
  • Higher order numbers
  • Increased usage of speedy and fast delivery options
  • More room for mistakes, such as order processing errors
  • Growth in reverse logistics (people returning items)

The tight deadlines and volume spikes experienced at Christmas can make or break your business. Failing to meet the demands can leave a negative impression and poor experience for your customers.

Many businesses will scramble to find temporary storage spaces or overflow storage facilities to maintain sufficient stock levels. Not only can this prove a health and safety hazard (imagine boxes lying everywhere), but it can also damage supplies without the correct storage facilities.

Warehouse storage and distribution is something that can help you to fulfil your Christmas orders in a timely manner. If you want to continue selling products over Christmas, build positive relationships with your customers and meet the high demand, you should consider using warehouse storage.

If you are unsure how warehouse storage and pallet distribution can help your business for fulfilling Christmas delivery, read on.

How can warehouse storage and distribution help with Christmas delivery?

Improved stock control

Warehouse worker taking stock

Keeping a track of your stock is vital for keeping an appropriate amount that meets demands. Without good stock control, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointing your customers as you fail to meet their needs and demands.

Efficient stock control will also keep your stock levels at a sufficient level to ensure you do not have an unnecessary surplus. Many warehouses will operate an automatic system that monitors stock levels in real-time.

This will allow you to keep a close eye on when you need to replenish supplies without reaching a point where you fail to meet your customer’s needs (even during peak times such as Christmas). With warehouse storage and improved stock control, you’ll be able to continue delivering throughout Christmas.

Better inventory management

An inventory report

Successful warehouses will operate an efficient inventory management system. Without it, no warehouse can effectively manage its processes. Inventory management covers the receiving, storing, and tracking of inventory within a warehouse.

Warehouse inventory management is essential to allow storage facilities to optimise the space available better and keep track of the items currently stored. Having better inventory management allows for more cost-effective and efficient fulfilment.

With a more improved inventory management system in place, you can improve your supply chain’s efficiency to allow for timely delivery during Christmas. Items can be quickly located and distributed through a logistics network without any setbacks.

Provides a quick source for replenishing stock

A model forklift truck holding boxes

Everyone else will be experiencing the same high demand over Christmas, including your suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, you may not always be able to rely solely on just-in-time quick replenishing of stock that you would otherwise benefit from.

An alternative option could be for a business to find the space for storing these items. However, this can be an impractical solution. Not only does finding space for storing items add unnecessary costs (investing in permanent facilities can be very costly) to your business, but it can also be unsafe.

Instead, warehouse storage and distribution can provide a much safer and more reliable alternative. Many warehouse facilities are operated within a logistic company’s network, meaning you can benefit from same-day and next-day delivery for quick and reliable Christmas delivery.

More efficient delivery

Stack of parcels standing next to a stopwatch

Keeping the right stock levels is not the only concern you will face over the busy Christmas period. You’ll also need to think about getting items delivered on time, whether it be to a warehouse, your business or to your customer’s front door.

Due to the extra demand over the Christmas season, it can take longer for items to arrive via ordinary distribution channels. Therefore, you need to bare this in mind when planning Christmas delivery.

While you plan and book delivery well in advance, using a professional logistics company can help reduce the stress of deliveries arriving on time. With specialist distribution networks and professional nationwide services, Nu Vision Logistics can ensure your goods will achieve Christmas delivery.

Maintain positive relations with stakeholders

Delivery man handing parcel over to woman smiling

While it’s important to maintain positive relations with your stakeholders, this is especially true during Christmas. Alongside your customers, you also need to make sure that you maintain good relations with suppliers too.

Maintaining these positive relationships can help you to achieve Christmas delivery. But where do warehouse storage and distribution come into it? Warehouse facilities have pick-and-pack solutions to increase the efficiency of packing and delivering your items.

Pick and pack services involve choosing the correct item and the right quantity to fulfil orders ready for shipment. Pick and pack also involves securely packaging items to prevent any damage during distribution. As items can be quickly sourced and packed, you can achieve Christmas delivery with warehouse storage and distribution.

With pick-and-pack services available at Nu Vision Logistics’ warehouse facilities, you can rest assured that your items will be shipped as quickly as possible. Combined with our distribution network, items can be delivered the same day if needed so you can maintain positive relations with stakeholders!

During the busy festive period, it can be difficult to ensure timely Christmas delivery. However, warehouse storage can help you to process all orders efficiently and effectively. If you can deliver your products to customers at the right time and quantity, you’ll be onto a winner!

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